Love Yourself Inward

Learn how to face Life with Self- Love, Compassion, Self- Care and Gratitude and move gracefully from KNOWING what is good for you to actually DOING what is good for you.





This Course Is For You If:

  • Insecurities run your Life;
  • You fail to build and maintain healthy relationships with others;
  • You let yourself be exploited, and you make the same mistakes over and over again;
  • You lack self -confidence
  • You are not sure how to receive compliments from others;
  • You are afraid to be yourself;
  • You live in a constant feeling of guilt;
  • Are not sure how not to take yourself so seriously;
  • You are blind to what you need and you are not sure how to fulfill your own needs before taking care of others. 

The “Love Yourself Inward” consists of 13 video lessons and it’s accompanied by the guide and worksheets to help you explore each topic more thoroughly and covers topic like:

  • What does it mean to love yourself?
  • What gets in the way to love yourself and how to overcome them?
  • How to start noticing your own needs before taking care of the needs of others?
  • How to accept yourself?
  • How to recognize and work with the inner critic?
  • How to forgive yourself and others?
  • How to take responsibility for your own life?
  • How to recognize and appreciate yourself, gift your talents?
  • How to respect yourself and others?
  • How to take care of your mind, soul, and body?


"The level of Self-Love can be measured by the quality of the relationship we are choosing to participate in. Love received can only match the highest level of Love we give to ourselves."

~ Kasia Jamroz


Self-Love gives an inner sense of feeling worthy, whole and free. It is a portal to joy, happiness, satisfaction, and overall personal satisfaction in life.

The course will give you powerful tools, tips, and strategies to start loving yourself, understanding what self-love is, the science behind it and how lack of it impacts your well -being.




"There is so much wisdom and authenticity in your sharing of your own story and how you came to be comfortable with the unknown as an adventure. You have an ability in the way you write and speak to get right to the core of the issues, which is disarming while satisfying for all of us who have been hiding aspects of ourselves from ourselves and others. In the end, YES, we all want to be seen. You are offering a map.....that is simple in many ways but a challenging journey/adventure to take on. Being our authentic self is a natural process but it is definitely not easy."

Jeanne B.

Use this course to find clarity and dismantle your diserving beliefs. Learn to ask the right questions, practice deep inquiry, truth -telling and self-love. Connect from within.


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