$59.00 USD

Receive two (2) transformative one - on - one coaching sessions for the price of one (1). 
Get Clear. Get Curious. Get Courageous. Get Unstuck.
- Get started and get going
- Understand what is important to you.
- Clarify your challenge.
- Create a solution by dismanteling self – imposed limitations, perceptions, attitudes, and emotions and transforming them into empowering manifestations of who you desire to be.

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Love Yourself Inward Online Course

For Limited time only $59 instead of $79.

Redefine Self- Love. Dismantle self-limiting beliefs through deep reflection and truth telling. Heal yourself to heal others. 

"The level of Self-Love can be measured by quality of relationship we are choosing to participate in. Love received can only match the highest level of Love we give to ourselves." Kasia Jamroz 

This course is for you if :

•   You want to build your confidence;

•   You want to build and maintain healthy relationships with others;

•   You ready to learn from your mistakes;

•   You are ready to receive compliments from others;

•   You want to express yourself freely;

•   You want to experience inner peace;

•   You want to feel comfortable in your own skin;

•   You want to express your wants and needs openly

You will  receive:

  • Ten (13) videos to inspire you to take action in each module and covers topics like:
    • What does it mean to love yourself?
    • What gets in the way to love yourself and how to overcome them?
    • How to start noticing your own needs before taking care of the needs of others
    • How to accept yourself?
    • How to recognize and work with the inner critic?
    • How to forgive yourself and others
    • How to take responsibility for your own life?
    •  How to recognize and appreciate yourself, gift your talents?
    • How to respect yourself and others
    • How to take care of your mind, soul and body?
  • Actionable Guide to use along with the Course and anytime you wish to revisit topics covered during this program.
  • Actionable worksheets to assist you in completing each module.
  • My personal support during the length of the Course. (email based)


  • FREE 45 min 1:1 Coaching Session with myself. This is your private coaching call scheduled at your convenience! ($100 Value!) 
  • Access to Go Love Yourself with Kasia Jamroz Private Facebook to give you a room to spread your wings, share and explore what self - love is, as well as to have an opportunity to participate in refreshingly self-loving group coaching session to divine in to what is the most important to you!

If you follow the steps offered in this Course you are more likely to generate the results you wish to achieve!

What People Are Saying:

I was recently lucky enough to experience Kasia’s deep insight, soulful teaching, and true compassion. Having searched my whole life for a connection back to oneness, I was struggling with some challenging spiritual experiences. Kasia helped me through and brought me back with such care, holding space for my development and growth while guiding me gently to my truth. She is one of the most self-aware, perceptive and wise souls I have ever met, yet imminently grounded and sensible and able to engage with the big questions in life at any level. I count myself truly blessed to have had Kasia work with me. I trust her completely and would choose to work with her again in a heartbeat.

Jodi G.

You are such an inspiring leader. I could not have dreamt better for my first experience! Thank you beautiful Kasia

Alessandra A.

I wanted to thank you for all your love, kindness and support. You are an amazing and inspiring lady.

Aida K.